About Me

I work at NetApp in Wichita KS as a Javascript developer. We’re building an AngularJS UI for enterprise block storage systems.

I’m passionate about building and learning. In particular I enjoy using Linux and FOSS tools whenever possible. However, I usually enjoy learning a new toolset or OS, as long as it’s an empowering experience. Sussing out the strengths and weakness of a platform is part of the adventure!

Lately I’m digging into game development. I’m most tempted by Unity3D, Godot, and PhaserJS. Distribution on multiple platforms will always be a goal. I founded the ICTGameJam, and love coordinating and encouraging local game development events.

I’m also enjoying my new foray into Go. Maybe it’s the strong typing making me nostalgic for the C I used in college… or maybe it’s the charming mascot.

You might occasionally see what I’m up to on GitHub. But sometimes you won’t… for secret reasons.

I usually illustrate at least one t-shirt per year, and plan the odd electronics project. I love plugging and supporting our local makerspace MakeICT, and participating in our local programming enthusiast group devICT.


You can find me on Twitter, or email me at my domain name @ email provider that starts with 'g' and ends with 'mail'.